With this membership More&Fashion will become your personal manufacturer. In addition, you will receive your own 3D-Designing platform with your Logo/Company. With this 3D-Designing platform your can offer Custom Design shoes servive to your customer of

will get full access to the platform for a period of 12 months. Price is 159 p/m with a one-time €2379.00 set up fee. You will receive your own 3D-Designing platform and:

  • Order in small bulks of min. 10 pairs or 10 items;
  • Offer shoes and the rest of our products with your own brand and/or logo;
  • Custom design your favourite Business shoe model
  • Order and custom design Patina finished shoes

All our shoes are handmade in our Patina Workshop in Almanza, Spain. Our Patina colouring is carried out by one of the best Shoes Colouring Masters in the world of Patina Shoes. You will be purchasing shoes equal to Magnani, Santoni, Gaziano, etc.

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