“How does it work?” or “How to order shoes?”

We thank you for your curiosity in our corporate service.

After registering your company, you and your colleagues will be able to buy shoes directly from the manufacture with all its adavantage. With our 3D-Designing platform, you will be able to design your favourite shoe model to your liking and order it in bulk or a single pair.

1. How to order shoes from our shop?

1. Visit our online store to shop pre-designed shoes

Click here to visit our online store .

2. Only order the sizes that you need

The minimum order quantity is: 10 pairs per model.

3. Don't forget the accessories

We recommend ordering the Saphir polishing kit

2. Design your shoes!

2. Click here to go to our 3D-Designing tool

You can order single pair shoes.

3. Click here to get inspired

See all the shoes that we have already manufactured for others.