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We are one of the world’s best private label luxury footwear, bags and  accessories manufacturing office for brands & boutiques. Please, let us introduce you to our Ready-To-Wear and Made-To-Order manufacturing service.

Our purpose

We are here to make luxury and craftsmanship affordable for every hard-working gentleman and gentlewoman. By registering your company to our platform, you give your entire team access to our online shop and online Made-To-Order programme.

We are a vertically integrated, multidisciplinary, full-service production office for brands, retailers as well as for every other type of organization.

What We Offer

By becoming a member of this platform, your entire team will be able to shop high-end luxury shoes, bags, belts and accessories with our 3D-Disigning Tool or buy small batches from min. 10 pairs / 10 pcs. 

Every order will be handcrafted in 3-4 weeks at our factory, inspected and sent to you together with any other accessory and/or service that you may have requested.

The alain dada story

It’s literally a story about someone who is born in the back of the backyards of the bush and is raised far away from the city among the wild animals in a very vivid, cohesive and happy community of the so-called Bamileke people. A Hebrew tribe that can even track its roots back to Abraham. In the eyes of many, his life would look extremely poor and primitive, but his tribe wasn’t poor at all.  The Bamileke are locally known for their infamous entrepreneurship, trading and negotiation skills.

During his younger years, he walked on his bare feet in his cohesive community and enjoy the fruits of mother nature. In 1991, he moved to Europe with his parents when a business opportunity arose. Alain had to quickly learn to walk in shoes and that was not an easy task. He destroyed more than 20 shoes in his first three years in Europe, and he had difficulties finding good fitting shoes. Alain Dada had to walk in shoes that were at least one size too large trough out his student years. In 2018 until he discovered the Custom Design Shoes service  which solved most of his problems.

After discovering that he was not the only one with this problem, he focused on offering this Shoes Custom Design service to  men and women facing similar issues. With this service, customers can order formal as well as casual shoes in  sizes that are not offered by traditional shoe stores. 

It has to become Alain Dada’s ultimate goal to radically change the way shoes are offered to enable every person to have tailored fitting shoes.

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY with more than 300 Materials

A vast repository of materials: Suedes, Sartorial Fabrics, Hand Painted Leathers, Hand Made Patina Crust, Polished Calfs, Patent Leather… etc. We have partnered with the best leather suppliers in order to provide the bewst raw materials. You can also send us your own custom materials, which will be digitized and uploaded to your designing tool for your brand’s exclusive use!

Artisan Shoe Construction Methods

There are three basic methods of shoe construction: cementing, Blake welting, and Goodyear welting. For our Men’s Dress collection, we use both Blake and Original Goodyear welting methods. Each of them has its advantages, and defines how the sole is attached to the upper.

When talking about high-end footwear, the Goodyear Welt is often contrasted with the Blake stitch. With the Blake stitch, the upper is sewn directly to the sole, and it generally creates a more flexible type of shoe. On the other side, Original Goodyear Welting process has been associated with excellence and superior workmanship, involving +50 craftsmen and +100 handcrafted phases on each pair.

The Art of Handmade Patina

Patina is an art crafted and designed for shoes by Olga Berluti in the 80’s. She thought nothing was more beautiful than a shoe burnished by time itself, a shoe whose colour was partly worn away. “Only those possess a soul,” she said. Our patina technique, provided by Mario Rodriguez, one of the best patina artists of the country, starts with a very specific type of crust leather. Colours are given by hand, applying natural pigments, and using different types of handmade techniques, to create different textures.

Worldwide Shipping

We can ship from our workshop in Spain to every country in the world with the correct infrastructure for door-to-door delivery.

Best Quality

We only use premium quality leather for our handmade shoes and our shoes are coloured by one of the best Shoe Colouring artist in the shoes world.

Best Offers

You only pay the manufacturing prices of handmade shoes

Secure Payments

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